Owner/chef, The Coop

Story by Jill Moorhead // Photo by Alysia Burton

Angie Theado spends her days cooped up--literally--in The Coop, perched in a parking lot adjacent to Glen Echo Ravine. Her daily offerings featuring a variation of poultry or egg stretch the definition of food truck fare in Columbus.

With a culinary degree from Columbus State and nearly three years at Alana's Food and Wine on her CV, Theado dishes out meals that rival those found within the city's best restaurants.

You'll find duck breast with shiitakes, bok choy and udon; a French omelette sandwich; and chorizo hash topped with fried duck egg.

She cooks her Japanese- and French-technique fare just two feet away from her customers and without the luxuries that other chefs enjoy. (A grill. A freezer. A dishwasher. A toilet.)

Limited in kitchen resources but not in aspirations, Theado has several goals. The first is to get a variance so her 1984 circus trailer can roost in its spot overnight.

Next up, a restaurant, with the same farm-to-table ethos found at The Coop. Expect dinner entrees and more local sourcing. (Even her celebrated Colorado-sourced yak burgers have a Columbus connection: The proprietors of the Hey Hey Yak Ranch are the kids of the infamous German Village dive of the same name.)

Former boss Alana Shock does not doubt Theado's ability to follow through on these dreams.

"It's one of those things that it's clear whether you have it or you don't, and she does," Shock said. "There are plenty of creative people. But if you can execute great food and manage the financial goals and you are a people person and can coordinate all that, you've got it. Angie has it."

Age: 31
Neighborhood: Campus
Previous gigs: Sous chef at Alana's, Elevator, Bravo!

2701 Indianola Ave., Clintonville