Made it out to the new Gallo's Pit BBQ in Linworth, the new joint from the same guy who serves better-than-average pub grub at Gallo's Tap Room off Bethel and Gallo's Kitchen in Upper Arlington. I only had time for a quick takeout order last night, but I'm definitely planning to return for an eat-in visit and try more of their stuff, if only so I can sit in there and breathe in the mouthwatering smoky aroma of the barbecue pit for a while.

For my first foray, I tried two of the entree platters, which each come with cornbread and a choice of two sides. I got the Beef Brisket platter (Fantasic! Nice and tender and nice and smoky.) as well as a half-slab of baby-back ribs (great flavor, if a teensy bit tough). The cornbread gets an A for sweet, buttery flavor, and here's how I rank the four sides I tried:

Cheesy Potatoes: I loved the crunchy cornflake crust on top of these creamy scalloped potatoes.

Coleslaw: Hooray, no mayonnaise! Instead, this veggie-filled slaw has a tangy, vinegary dressing.

Mac & Cheese: Good and plenty cheesy, but a bit bland.

Baked Beans: Despite the pork bits swimming in the cup, these were a little too sugary for my taste.

Gallo's Pit BBQ
2234 W. Dublin-Granville Rd., Linworth