I've been working my way through the menu at the new Arepazo Tapas & Wine, the suburban sibling to my beloved Downtown El Arepazo, and wanted to give a quick shoutout to this dish, Tostones con Hogao. I've long been a fan of Arepazo's use of ripe plantains, which they cook into caramelized submission and use as the base for their addictive Patacon entree. Well, this small plate dish is made from green-skinned plantains, their unripened sibling, which means they're just the oppositve--starchy and salty rather than sugary sweet. Weird, but it totally works.

These flattened plantain patties are fried up until they're kinda crunchy on the outside and then sprinkled liberally in salt. They taste like thick-cut potato chips, almost. And they're served with a homey tomatoes-and-onions sauce (the hogao) for dipping. Dunk the plantain patties in that sauce until they're nice and soggy, the end result is just as finger-licking good as a whole bowl of chips and salsa.

Arepazo Tapas & Wine
93 N. High St., Gahanna