The much-touted food highlight of this year's ComFest was the addition of The Coop (read more about the chicken-and-eggs-themed food truck here) set up in the "Peace Village" area near the main stage next to the tennis courts. It was a little off the beaten path, but I'm hoping the high-profile gig translates into some new fans for this great truck.

The Coop was serving their famed Yak Burger (in fact, chef/owner Angie Theado told me they brought in 300 pounds of yak for the occasion) and I was thrilled to finally try one. But I actually ended up being slightly more into these awesome Turducken Cluckin' Tacos, which I'm hoping may become a permanent staple on the menu.

They've got pulled turducken (you know, from a chicken cooked inside a duck cooked inside a turkey) topped with pickled red cabbage slaw, queso fresco and cilantro. Squeeze liberally with lime wedges and WOW. I love that it turns the decadent turducken into a light, fun little snack.

Not to take anytthing away from the Yak Burger, of course, pictured here in all its glory. Side note: I really dig the slightly gamey flavor of yak (kinda similar to buffalo but juicier), but if you're not a fan you may not be as enamored. On an Auddino's kaiser roll, it's a cooked-medium yak patty topped with bacon, a fried egg, American cheese a house mayo and mixed greens. The best part is when the juices from the burger combine with the cracked egg yolk to make an impromptu dipping sauce. Because yes, you're going to want to devour every last bite.

The Coop's hours have been erratic in the wake of Theado's recent nuptials/honeymoon, but keep an eye on their Facebook page -- they should be back to their regular Wednesday-Saturday hours soon.

The Coop
2701 Indianola Ave., Clintonville