Did you catch Jeni Britton Bauer's first-person recounting of a week in her life at Huffington Post? It's well worth the read. It also got me craving Jeni's grapefruit push pops like crazy. (Jeni claims in her HufPo piece that grapefruit is her favorite of all the flavors). Happily, I was able to acquire one yesterday while we were shooting photos for our August cover story at the scoop shop in Clintonville.

The frozen yogurt push pops are a new offering this summer, and they're also available in black currant, lime cardamom and mango lassi.

I've tried all those yogurt flavors in non-push pop form and I'm sure they'd all be lovely. But I love grapefruit for its similarity to a beloved childhood treat, orange sherbet Push-Ups. Jeni's version is far superior, of course, because it's made with fresh grapefruit and has that nice sour kick.

During our photo shoot, I also learned that Jeni herself drew the illustration for this gorgeous summer poster. So dramatic, I just love it.

The push pops are available in scoop shops at least through the summer, and I recommend going to get one immediately.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams