Allow me to brag for just a moment. This is what 30 editorial awards looks like -- a pile almost as tall as I am!

Dispatch Magazines cleaned up at the Ohio Excellence in Journalism Awards, presented by the Press Club of Cleveland. Our publications left Friday's dinner with 30 honors for writing, design and photography, including 14 first-place prizes (complete list below).

Crave won seven awards, including top writing honors for Crave writers G.A. Benton and Jill Moorhead, top design honors for Yogesh Chaudhary, and first-place photography wins for Jodi Miller and Will Shilling.

And actually, Will, Crave's creative director, won the highest accolade of all -- Best Photographer in Ohio, honoring his outstanding photography for Capital Style.


Columbus Crave, First Place, Departments or Columns (general circulation magazines): G.A. Benton and Jill Moorhead, "Strip Search"

Columbus Crave, First Place, Spread or Multiple Page Design-Magazines (print visuals): Yogesh Chaudhary, "The Crave 10" Columbus Crave, First Place, General Photo-Multiple Images (photography): Jodi Miller, "Rockmill Brewery" Columbus Crave, First Place, Portrait/Personality Photography (photography): Will Shilling, "On the Go: Coty Hildebrand" Columbus Crave, First Place, General Photo-Single Image (photography): Will Shilling, "The Crave 10: Kihachi" Columbus Crave, Second Place, General Photo-Single Image (photography): Jodi Miller, "Pour Over Coffee" Columbus Crave, Second Place, Pictorial (photography): Alysia Burton, "Downtown Renaissance" OTHER WINNERS! Capital Style, First Place, Best in Ohio-Photographer: Will Shilling Capital Style, Second Place, Public Service/Investigative (general circulation magazines): Kristy Eckert and Rita Price, "The Fighter," "A Moral Obligation," "Speaking Out," "A Mother's Strength" Capital Style, Second Place, Portrait/Personality Photography (photography): Will Shilling Columbus Alive, First Place, Community/Local Coverage (non-daily newspapers): John Ross, "Franklinton on the Verge" Columbus Alive, First Place, Spread or Multiple Page Design-Tabs (print visuals): Michaela Schuett, "Pick the right gin for your cocktail" Columbus Alive, Second Place, Spread or Multiple Page Design-Tabs (print visuals): Michaela Schuett, "Rap renaissance" Columbus Alive, Second Place, Covers-General Circulation Magazines (print visuals): Michaela Schuett, "Spice it up" Columbus Alive, Second Place, Studio Photography (non-daily photography): Jodi Miller, "Nina West" Columbus Alive, Second Place, Food Writing (open print): G.A. Benton, "Hot stuff" Columbus Alive, Second Place, Best in Ohio-Reviews/Criticism: Chris DeVille Columbus Alive, Second Place, Best in Ohio-Illustration: Michaela Schuett Columbus Alive, Second Place, Best Non-Daily Newspaper in Ohio-Alternatives Columbus C.E.O., First Place, Features-General (business publications): Jennifer Wray, "Burger Biz" Columbus C.E.O., First Place, General News-Single Story (business publications): Jennifer Wray, "Kill or Cure?" Columbus C.E.O., First Place, Features-Personality Profile (business publications): Jennifer Wray, "The Legacy of Alton Doody" Columbus C.E.O., First Place, Covers-Business Publications (print visuals): Craig Rusnak, "Cool Offices" Columbus Monthly, First Place, Medical/Health Writing (open print): Sherry Beck Paprocki, "Addicted at birth" Columbus Monthly, First Place, Analysis (open print): Molly Willow and Ray Paprocki, "Women and power: Trying to close the gap" Columbus Monthly, Second Place, Travel Writing (open print): Rhonda Koulermos, "Beach dreams" Columbus Monthly, Second Place, News (general circulation magazines): Dave Ghose, "Beggars without golden voices" Columbus Monthly, Second Place, Features-Personality Profile (general circulation magazines): Rhonda Koulermos, "Super students" Columbus Parent, Second Place, Best Magazine in Ohio Columbus Parent, Second Place, General Photo-Multiple Images (photography): Alysia Burton, "A Life in the Day of a Labor and Delivery Nurse"