Ceviche, a dish of fresh fish that's "cooked" by being marinated in citrus juice, is a treat I look forward to every summer. It's light and refreshing--the perfect combination on a scorching hot day. At Sidebar 122, I found a lovely new favorite iteration in the Shrimp and Tilapia Cebiche.

Plump shrimp, big chunks of fish and red onion curls are served in two pretty half-shells. The bright flavors of lime juice and herbs set off the clean taste of the seafood just beautifully.

It's one of many small plates on the menu at Sidebar, so while there's a good amount of seafood for the price ($13), be aware that there are no side dishes to accompany. I rounded out my meal with a house salad (it's got roasted peppers, toasted pecans, artichokes and manchego!) and the complimentary hummus and pita bread.

Sidebar 122
122 E. Main St., Downtown