It was love at first bite with Till's awesome BD Burger, a little sandwich that marked one of renowned vegan chef Magdiale Wolmark's first forays into cooking meat. So I can't say I was surprised to be blown away by the second burger I tried there, a Lamb Burger. But I was thrilled nonetheless.

On a soft, floured roll comes a thick, juicy lamb patty (cooked medium rare, which lets the flavor of the meat really shine) with some melty cheese, roasted pepers and lettuce. That simple, and simply amazing. On the side is a medley of summer squash and other veggies marinated in oil and vinegar and flecked in fresh dill, plus a canteloupe wedge. Which is to say, you won't feel as gross after finishing as you would after downing a huge burger and a side of fries.

I thoroughly enjoyed this lunch on the Till patio, soaking in the sun, and advise you do the same--and soon. The menu at Till changes almost daily, and you won't want to miss this one.

247 King Ave., Victorian Village