Along with tens of thousands of homes, lots of restaurants in Central Ohio lost power. And for small business owners, several days without customers can be devastating. Clintonville and North Campus were among the hardest-hit areas, with restaurants like Alana's, Sage, Taj Mahal and Lavash in the dark for six straight days. A week with no customers is bad enough, but these places also lost thousands of dollars worth of refrigerated and frozen food (Alana's donated food to a local soup kitchen, announcing to Facebook fans "5 star cuisine now available at Faith Mission.")

As those restaurants slowly but surely reopen (we got word that all four of those places were back up and running by Thursday afternoon), let's all show some neighborly support and stop in for a meal sometime soon, shall we?

A few more Columbus restaurants that endured extended outages after the Great Derecho of 2012:

Ace of Cups
Bella Italian Comfort Food
Brews Cafe
Cafe Bourbon Street
Crimson Cup
Explorers Club
G. Michael's
Granville Inn
Harvest Pizzeria
La Patrona
Pistacia Vera
Smith's Restaurant & Deli
T. Murray's
Worthington Inn