Spend any amount of time in a restaurant kitchen, and you begin to notice something. In the midst of total chaos, one detail is always in order -- the chef's knives.

The Knife: KAI knife
The Owner: Christopher Spreng, owner/chef at C. William's Bistro

Spreng purchased this KAI knive for $160 and uses it for everything -- cutting meat, cutting chicken, cutting vegetables.

Spreng sharpens it every week to keep its edge pristine.

"I like the balance, how it feels in your hand. It has a nice, light tip but a heavy base," Spreng said. "I use a rocking motion, so that's why I like a lighter tip."

--Story & photos by Jodi Miller

C. William's Bistro
26 Grace Dr., Powell

Tim Carter, Mitchell's Steakhouse

Hartmut Handke

Christopher Spreng, C. William's Bistro

Phuong Mai, Indochine Cafe

Bob Burton, Weiland's Gourmet Market