The gorgeous new Hilton on High Street (across from the Convention Center) opened quietly for the Columbus Marathon -- and while its official grand opening isn't until mid-November, I swung in on a whim last week to peek at Gallerie, the new restaurant located inside. Gallerie has great pedigree: its chef is Bill Glover, who also owns Sage, and its food and beverage manager is Michael Mejia, former general manager at Martini. The menu is French-inspired bistro fare.

I actually arrived too late for lunch service, but was happy to grab a sandwich in the bar area. Can't wait to return to dine in the main dining room, a beautiful space located smack in the center of the hotel.

Here's a look at Gallerie's waiting area, a good representation of the modern-glam decor found throughout the hotel.

And here's the bar side (complete with Adam Brouillette painting!) where I grabbed lunch.

I ordered the Lobster Roll ($14) and, as a self-proclaimed lobster roll expert, found it to be superb. Check out that buttery, toasted, split-top roll, exactly the kind you'll find in the Northeast. It's filled with big chunks of lobster meat bound together in an herb-flecked mayo, set off with shaved fennel and lemon. Yum.

Top view.

And I also tried some of this Turkey and Brie sandwich ($11), made with smoked turkey, crunchy green apples, pickled onions and almonds on whole-grain bread. Definitely a nice combination of flavors and textures. Sandwiches come your choice of fries or potato chips, and I'd recommend the chips (though both are sprinkled too heavily in some sort of flavored salt).

Here's the lunch menu:

Onion Soup, $9: caramelized Vidalia onions, oxtail, gruyere, brioche crouton
Roasted Beet Salad, $9: arugula, goat cheese, lavender-honey vinaigrette
Bistro Salad, $8: crispy lardon, poached egg, pickled red onion, champagne vinaigrette
Mixed Greens Salad, $7: mixed greens, tomatoes, leeks, almonds, dijon vinaigrette

1 pound of P.E.I. mussels in the style of choice, served with house-made frites, $14
Mariniere: white wine, shallots, garlic, parsley, butter
Normande: cream, mushrooms, bacon, Calvados brandy
Basquaise: white wine, pepper, shallots, tomatoes, fresh herbs, butter
Mouclade: cream, curry, leeks, chervil
Billi Bi: cream, saffron, vermouth, chives
Marseilles: white wine, chili flake, tomatoes, capers, Pernod

Croque Monsieur, $9: classic ham and cheese sandwich, with gruyere on brioche with bechamel
Rossini Burger, $22: certified Angus burger, seared foie gras, morbier cheese, roasted tomatoes, mesclun greens, truffle mayonnaise, brioche bun
Southern Chicken, $11: buttermilk chicken tenders, white cabbage slaw, jalapeno ketchup, cheddar cheese, baguette
Lobster Roll, $14: fresh poached lobster, split-top roll, herb mayonnaise, shaved fennel, lemon peel
Turkey and Brie, $11: smoked turkey with green apples, brie, almonds, pickled onions, butter-toasted whole grain
Bistro Burger, $12: certified Angus burger, spicy tomato jam, pickled red onions, local cheese, arugula, brioche bun

Tuna Nicoise, $19: pepper-seared tuna, haricot verts, egg, fingerling potatoes, Nicoise olive puree, mixed greens, dijon vinaigrette
Roasted Chicken Salad, $14: romaine lettuce, red grapes, walnuts, pickled red onions, blue cheese, oranges, champagne vinaigrette
Pork Belly, $14: braised pork belly, red pepper marmalade, sherry-chive jus, ginger-soy aioli, grilled asparagus, frites
Amish Chicken, $16: herb-mousseline-stuffed chicken breast, sweet peas, fingerling potatoes, fines herb jus, green apple-truffle salad
Salmon, $18: pretzel-crusted salmon, whole-grain mustard, braised baby bok choy, Yukon gold hash
Gnocchi Parisiennes, $12: soy beans, chestnuts, lemon peel, local mushrooms, sage, brown butter
Duck Confit, $16: leg-thigh confit, sauteed French-style gnocchi, whole-grain mustard, caramelized Brussels sprouts
Flatiron Steak Au Poivre, $18: red wine-braised shallots, watercress salad, Yukon hash, cognac veal jus
Smoked Salmon Linguine, $14: cold-smoked salmon, artichoke hearts, capers, red onions, white wine garlic broth, tossed with fresh linguine

Gallerie Bar & Bistro
401 N. High St., Short North