In the evenings only, Paul's serves up better-than-average Americanized Italian fare

Chicken parmesan is one of those dishes I like to order occasionally because I always know just what I'm going to get. A chicken cutlet, thickly breaded and covered in a layer of cheese, smothered in marinara and sprinkled in parmesan. When I order it in restaurants, it always tastes exactly the same as when my mom made it at home, and I like that. I was in the mood for some the other night and was got exactly what I wanted at Paul's Fifth Avenue.

Normally, I only think about Paul's at breakfast time, because they make awesome greasy omelets and breakfast bowls. But at night, all that stuff gets replaced by a more upscale Italian menu, heavy on pastas and with lots of red sauce. The ambiance still feels pretty diner-y, but the food is better-than-average Americanized Italian fare.

Paul's changes the spelling to the fancy Chicken Parmigiano, but it's still the same breaded and sauteed chicken, topped with provolone (my only qualm was I would've loved a teensy bit more cheese) and good house-made tomato sauce. For $15, you get soup or side salad plus a side dish. I chose the vegetable of the day and was thoroughly impressed with the chargrilled eggplant, zucchini, tomato and asparagus. So much better than carrots or broccoli!

Paul's Fifth Avenue
1565 W. Fifth Ave., Grandview