Pizza House on Sinclair Road has long turned out award-winning pies

Just had to share this awesome vintage Columbus Monthly cover hanging in the lobby of Pizza House, a neat time capsule of a pizzeria on Sinclair Road. It made me smile, since I'm currently on my own hunt to find the best pizza in town for Columbus Monthly. Funnily enough, Columbus CEO editor Julanne Hobach tells me Monthly eventually had to eliminate Pizza House from contention after they won top honors so many times following this late-'80s victory.

Anyway, Sinclair is a bit of a hike for me so I'd never tried Pizza House, but got enough positive recommendations that I added it to my pizza explorations. And it still stacks up with the best of the classic Columbus spots, unsurprisingly.

The decor cracked me up. It's totally mid-'80s food court, yes? Love the extensive use of glass block.

We tried two completely different pies. This is the all-meat, piled with pepperoni, ham, bacon, sausage and thin-sliced meatballs.

And this is the veggie, which has green peppers, onions, mushrooms and olives. I really dug the crust (thickish, with good buttery crunchy edges) and the sweet sauce. I wish there was just a little more cheese and a little less topping, but that's my only complaint.

Pizza House
747 E. Lincoln Ave., North Side