Subhead: Tutto Vino's new resident bartender sticks close to his Olde Towne East home when going out on the town

Subhead: Tutto Vino's new resident bartender sticks close to his Olde Towne East home when going out on the town

Chris Manis has been mixing drinks and pouring beers at bars around town for the past five years-sometimes you'd spot him behind a couple different bars each week. But for now, he's settled into a full-time gig at Dublin's Tutto Vino.

Manis was charged with revamping the cocktail menu at that wine-centric bistro, and his new list is heavy on the classics. Almost two dozen pre-Prohibition style cocktails have been added to the lineup.

"Classic cocktails are really big right now," says Manis. "They're balanced and stand the test of time. It gives people a chance to rediscover things."

People often ask Manis to recommend the best spots for drinks in the city, and he'll typically suggest seeking out a person, not a place.

"If you want to have a great cocktail, you need to find a great bartender," Manis explains. "The people behind the drinks are what's making them good."

Manis shared the places he frequents before and after work-and you'll notice a trend. Many of his favorite spots are in his own neighborhood of Olde Towne East.

What's your favorite thing to eat at Tutto Vino?

The ahi tuna plate. But, to be honest, most of what I eat here is what Chef Mike creates for the staff at the end of the night. I love having a pizza with whatever toppings he puts on it, and just chatting with coworkers.

And what do you like to drink there?

My favorite is a Martinez cocktail. I make it with Ransom Old Tom Gin, sweet vermouth, Luxardo maraschino liqueur and bitters. I love making one at the end of the night. I also get a chance to taste a lot of the wines and I'm really learning about that.

Do you have a favorite hangout in your own neighborhood?

Olde Towne Tavern. I'm there most nights for a drink after work. It's my spot to get food and a drink before bed.

Where do you grab food on the go?

Lately it's been the new Hills Market Downtown. I eat light during the day, so I grab a salad or some cut fruit. They've got the basics and some great produce there.

Who's got the best breakfast in town?

I really like Angry Baker. I change what I get all the time because the menu changes a lot. The egg sandwich is a standby, for sure.

Where do you go for a special occasion?

I like to go to St. James, a bar I feel comfortable in. Or Tree Bar. I want to celebrate with friends and sit back and have a drink in a place I really enjoy.

Where's the perfect date night spot?

I've got to go with the patio at Basi. The food quality is great, the atmosphere is beautiful, and you can enjoy a summer night on the patio.


Where Chris Manis goes for something specific

Small plates

Manifesto. They have a huge selection, and I've been there quite a few times in the last several months.

Grilled cheese

I order grilled cheese at Olde Towne Tavern. They have a pear and brie grilled cheese that is perfect.


I tend to order dessert at Black Creek Bistro, and I've never been disappointed.


Harvest Pizzeria. The Almond Pesto, with spinach, artichokes and fresh mozzarella, is definitely a favorite.


My favorite spot lately has been Peking Dynasty on Fifth and Grandview.

Photo by Tessa Berg