In: Ghost peppers

In: Ghost peppers Out: Jalapeno peppers

Mikey's Late Night Slice dares customers to try the Fiery Death pizza, made with ghost and scorpion peppers, while Elevator makes a limited-edition Ghost Scorpion beer with those same super-hot peppers.

In: Palomas Out: Mojitos

These tequila cocktails are a favorite in Mexico. They're made with fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, which means they're perfect for summer sipping. Find them at Due Amici and El Camino Inn.

In: Ramen Out: Pho

All signs point to gourmet ramen being the Next Big Thing in Columbus. Dearly departed Freshstreet tested the waters with a ramen pop-up lunch, Mashita Noodles food cart is making its own noodles, and watch for a couple new ramen concepts Downtown and in the Short North.

In: Pickles Out: Edamame

Commonweath started the house-made trend, now the bar snack lineup at The Crest Gastropub includes a Jar of Pickles with jicama, cucumber and carrot. The Pearl does a Pot-O-Pickles filled with a fresh, house-made mix.

In: Lobster Thermidor Out: Oysters Rockefeller

The bubbly, cheesy seafood dish made famous by Julia Child is enjoying a comeback. Rigsby's follows Child's recipe for lobster night on Thursdays, while G. Michael's tweaks the classic with a broiled lobster-shrimp thermidor.