So many specialty mustards are produced in Ohio, we could easily rebrand ourselves as the Mustard State. Here are a few of our favorites, which can be found at specialty grocery stores like Weiland's.

Stadium Mustard

Cleveland, OH

In Cleveland, you pledge allegiance to either Stadium Mustard, served at the Browns' stadium, or Bertman Ball Park Mustard, served at the Indians' Progressive Field. Stadium Mustard is the one found in 150 stadiums across the country, and the mildly spicy brown mustard tastes great on anything you'd order at the game.

Ben's Sweet & Hot Mustard

Kingston, OH

Described as a favorite among people who hate mustard, this is an interesting combination of traditional yellow honey mustard and spicy jalapenos. It's definitely more sweet than hot, and its flavor profile would overwhelm a lot of dishes. Try dunking soft pretzels in it.

Mister Mustard

Springfield, OH

Woeber's original hot mustard is the winner both in terms of fun packaging aesthetics and great taste. The grainy, deli-style mustard packs some heat and would be great on sandwiches. Bonus: It reminds us of both the Beatles and a dearly departed Columbus bar.

Bertman Ball Park Mustard

Cleveland, OH

Bertman's was the first of Cleveland's stadium mustards, and its flavor is more distinctive and biting than its competitor. When you press most Clevelanders, this is the one they'll choose as their favorite. It's best on hot dogs and brats.