The Chef: Richard Blondin, Refectory

The Chef: Richard Blondin, Refectory

The Relationship: One of Wayward's oldest restaurant clients, Blondin buys weekly from the Mobile Market.

The Reason: "Their product is outstanding," Blondin says. "I take what they give me and incorporate it into a menu on a daily basis."

But more than the quality of product, Blondin appreciates their food knowledge. For example, Blondin once asked Moore why their see-through bags of produce are kept closed.

"It keeps it fresh because the moisture stays in and doesn't evaporate," Moore said.

"It makes sense," he adds. "Every time she opens a bag, there's just enough moisture to keep it fresh and extend the shelf life. It's a nice little thing that farmers know that we don't."

For Blondin, sourcing locally, means fresher produce, too.

"It's much better because it was picked two hours ago and not three weeks ago," Blondin says.