While the beer isn't running through the taps of Wolf's Ridge Brewing quite yet, the California-meets-French food coming out of this new Downtown spot's kitchen makes the trip well worth it. Here, a tale of two burgers on their menu.

Beautiful people sit at equally beautiful (and made by the owners-father and son duo Alan and Bob Szuter ) communal tables in Columbus' newest alehouse, which boasts a fresh-from-Brooklyn feel with white brick walls, ball jar candles and kitchen towel napkins. While Wolf's Ridge Brewing is a brewery in name (the restaurant expects to have three of their own beers on tap within a month), the fare gets equal billing thanks to Culinary Institute of America trained chef Seth Lassak. We tried-and fell in love with-both of their burger offerings, served with piles San Francisco-style (read: lots of fresh garlic) fries. -Jill Moorhead

Ahi Burger ($15)

A burger in name only, this sandwich raises the bar for all meals served between two pieces of bread. All the components of a classic seafood dish collide into sandwich form with Wolf Ridge's Ahi burger. Generous pieces of nearly-rare tuna, avocado, pungent wasabi, and red bell pepper are enveloped within an Angry Baker brioche roll-grilled and buttery in all its glory.

Beef and Lamb Burger ($14)

Want to tell, by sight, if a burger is meant to impress? Check out the lettuce. Real butter lettuce-in this case, little gem-means it's the real thing. And this beef and lamb burger, topped with an unavoidable pickled red onion, salty Widmer cheese (almost, almost, the texture of cheese whiz) and a tangy tomato aioli is the real thing. Again, the Angry Baker brioche brings it all together.