Columbus Brew Adventures' Jim Ellison creates the perfect local six-pack

"It's one thing to walk in and have a couple beers. It's another thing to get the story behind why the brewery chose the ingredients they did," says Jim Ellison, co-owner of Columbus Brew Adventures. The booze-focused arm of local food-tour company Columbus Food Adventures launched in September with the goal of bringing beer makers and drinkers closer together through interactive tours.

The new excursions give groups of roughly 14 a chance to go behind the scenes in the local beer industry by neighborhood (from Downtown to Grandview to Granville) and by level of interest (like a meet-the-brewers tour for the beer enthusiast to distillery tours for the spirits lover). Tours include more than just face time with the brewers-samples are also provided along the way.

Interested in broadening your local beer horizons? Ellison shares six of his favorite brews to sip around town.

Big Star IPA, Four String Brewing

"It's a unique beer, a white IPA. You know the hops is in it, but the hops is almost secondary. It's good for IPA lovers and IPA skeptics. It has a good hoppy profile, but a blend of enough other ingredients to be a good entry-level IPA."

Vertigo, Zauber Brewing Co.

"This German-style hefeweizen reminds me of spring, with just a hint of vanilla. It's smooth. It's one of my favorite styles of beer. It's very crisp, very fresh. I almost feel like I am in Germany when I drink that beer."

Blood Thirst Wheat, Barley's Brewing Co.

"This is a hefeweizen with a great story. It was inspired by the winner of Barley's annual home-brew competition and has remained popular to this day. The twist is zest of Sicilian blood oranges."

Humulus Nimbus Super Pale Ale, Seventh Son Brewing Co.

"This is one I look forward to when on the rotation. It's a good middle-of-the-road beer. Other than it being fun to say, the flavor characteristics go well with food, especially food truck fare."

Bodhi DIPA, Columbus Brewing Co.

"I like it, and it seems every beer-rating site does, too. If you are into hops, this is pretty much your beer. For an IPA lover, the Bodhi has all the elements they want. It also pairs great with CBC restaurant nachos."

ESB, North High Brewing

"ESB stands for 'extra special bitter,' but the bitterness is fairly mild. It's just a right amount for flavor and aroma, but it's a very easy-to-drink beer. All North High Beers are very drinkable."


"In case one of the bottles breaks or if I have one in my other hand, then I would have the Coffee Infused Double Stout from Elevator Brewing Co. It's a great beer. They are pairing up with Brioso for the coffee aspect. You get the coffee, but it's not overwhelming. It's like having a double shot of espresso. You get this great blending of flavors, and it's very drinkable, very smooth."