Here are some great examples of these irresistibly delicious drinking buddies.

"I love the layers of flavor and the layers of texture," says Sang Lakhani, co-owner of The Table, a new charcuterie restaurant in the Short North, when we asked her about the allure of Scotch eggs. Long popular as a British bar snack, these deep-fried, sausage-and-bread-crumb-wrapped hard boiled eggs are enjoying a bit of a renaissance. Considering the recent gastropub phenomenon-in which classic British pub grub is receiving refreshed and revamped attention-this minor Scotch egg upswing shouldn't seem so surprising. Here are four examples of these irresistibly delicious drinking buddies.

Latitude 41

"It's like a complete breakfast in one piece," says Latitude executive chef Michael Koenig of the Scotch egg's appeal. First served as a special during Crave's Farm to Plate Week in August, Koenig's elegant take on the blue-collar nosh was such a hit that demand forced it onto Latitude's menu-and now, "Everyone's ordering it!" he says. In the center of a super-crackly, shell is a silky, six-minute-cooked yolk. On the side: richness-cutting apple mustard with mustard seeds soaked in CBC's IPA.

Mac's Cafe

"It's definitely a trend, but we'll put ours up against anyone's," says Patrick Melick, longtime owner of Mac's Cafe. Mac's and Scotch eggs have been synonymous in Columbus since original owner and Scotsman John Mackay opened the Short North bar in 1994 with Scotch eggs on the menu. Still wildly popular, Mac's crispy-yet-juicy big boys are served with an oniony and dairy-rich "sage sauce" after being sliced and re-fried to ensure the sausage is cooked through.

The Three Legged Mare

You better order your Scotch eggs early here before a Blue Jacket home game, because on those packed-to-the-rafters occasions, this Irish-themed Arena District pub usually sells out of them. If you do score one, it'll be peppery, salty and staggeringly huge. Dip-heads can shove these blimpies even further over the top with a provided side of Southwestern-spiced cheese sauce.

The Table

This hot new, do-everything-from-scratch Short Norther with an impressively pedigreed crew initially made their Scotch eggs for a pre-opening French wine dinner. Seeking something spicy and bite-sized that fit the night's theme, Lakhani opted for quail eggs and house-made chorizo. Home run. Though not currently on The Table's permanent menu, look for them to pop up as occasional specials.