In: Savory Sweets

In: Savory Sweets

Danish meets dinner roll in the daily yeast-dough wrapped specialty kolaches, like kielbasa, from Kolache Republic in the Brewery District. Inspired by the dressing, cookie-centric Rouge Bakery released a Ranch Cookie that tastes just like the salad topper. Out: Sugary Sweets

In: Pickled Veggies

Cucumbers aren't the only foods being soaked in vinegar. At Wolf's Ridge Brewing, cauliflower, carrots, sweet peppers and green beans get curried and pickled in an app. The recently-revamped menu at Delaware's North City Tavern offers a plate that includes kimchee daikon, and vanilla curry cauliflower. Out: Olives

In: Ethnic Menus

Local eateries are expanding their culinary horizons, including Latin-leaning Explorers Club with a monthly rotating ethnic menu (like a throwback favorites in December). At Olde Towne East's L'Appat Patisserie & Cafe, Thursdays are Pan-African night with flavors from Morocco to Zimbabwe. Out: Tasting Menus

In: Game Meats

De-Novo revamped its menu, adding game meats to the Downtown restaurant's lineup, including Alligator Bolognese and Kangaroo Loin Au Poivre. Chef David Tetzloff continues to play with these cuts of meat at G. Michael's, as in a roasted pheasant pot pie starter. Out: Steak