It all begins with an idea…

It all begins with an idea…

Popcorn Shrimp. "I had a shrimp cocktail dish on the menu as a kitschy retro idea-poached shrimp and cocktail sauce with a shrimp bisque served alongside."

But, to execute the way Wolmark wants it-with Ohio farm-raised shrimp-just wasn't cost effective.

"Then I was like, 'Bam! I'll use the shiitake mushrooms," Wolmark says, referring to the earthy, meaty shiitake log mushrooms that sprout from Till's garden after a few days of rain throughout the year. "They have a lot of capabilities, can do a lot of things." Plus, they are buttery, Wolmark says, and so are shrimp. A little marinating, a light sear, then a wrap in dulse (a type of seaweed) give the shiitakes a sea-like flavor. "Shrimp eat dulse. You would say dulse tastes like shrimp. It's really the other way around," he says.

He allows the seaweed-wrapped mushrooms to sit, letting the moisture come out to slightly seal the two together. Then he'll coat it in a breadcrumb mixture with herbs from the garden, dredge it in flour and soy milk, coating it a few times before it hits the fryer. "We'll serve them with cocktail sauce with horseradish and preserved tomatoes," he says.

"We'll keep it vegan, because we can," Wolmark says.

"You can cook plant-based and not have to sacrifice flavor."