In: Flavored Popcorn

In: Flavored Popcorn

The salty movie snack is getting a boost at local bars. Find Caramel Corn at The Pearl, Spiced Popcorn with truffle, parmesan and rosemary at Park Creek Kitchen and Mac & Cheese popcorn with cayenne pepper at the new Torpedo Room. Out: Buttered popcorn

In: House-cured meat

Proving the trend is far from dying out, chefs are giving charcuterie a personal touch with house-cured meats, like jambon blanc and blood sausage at The Table and chorizo at Barcelona. Out: Cold cuts

In: Infused Bourbon

These days, it's not just vodka soaking up extra flavors for use in cocktails. At new Brewery District gastropub Westies, the Westies Manhattan is made with bacon-infused Woodford Reserve bourbon (and topped with a bacon garnish). At Denmark on High Street, Old-Fashioneds are spiked with coffee and pecan as well as apricot bourbons. Out: Flavored vodka

In: Gluten-Free

Expect to see "GF" next to more restaurant dishes this year as chefs and bakers alike craft dishes especially for the gluten-free crowd. New menu items at The Angry Baker include a barbecue tofu rice bowl and oatmeal pancakes with berry compote. Out: The phrase, "No substitutions, please."

Photos by Tom Dodge; Meghan Ralston; Beth Stallings; Meghan Ralston