Shaved Brussels sprouts and potato chips seem as natural as ketchup and mustard on a hot dog lately.

Shaved Brussels sprouts and potato chips seem as natural as ketchup and mustard on a hot dog lately. There's just something about an all-beef wiener or bratwurst that makes it a catchall for ingredients, says Mike Gadd, co-owner and chef at charming hole-in-the-wall DareDevil Dogs. "I kind of envision the hot dog or brat as another form of the hamburger," Gadd says. A dog is easy to hold, simple to order and quick to serve. To prove his point, Gadd shares how a few of this south-of-Campus shop's seven specialty dogs and bratwursts were inspired by classic dishes.


This fiery, crackly brat is reminiscent of Buffalo chicken wings. To get the crisp texture, Gadd marinates a chicken brat in buttermilk for an hour before dredging it in flour and tossing it into the fryer. He then coats the link in orange-Sriracha sauce. "Hot sauce and butter is your traditional Buffalo sauce," he says. "This gives it a little more brightness. Citrus goes great with spicy things." Shaved celery and blue cheese aioli cool it down.


This was the original dog on Gadd's list of signature offerings. He tops an all-natural beef hot dog (all dogs and brats are made with Ohio-raised meats by Cleveland's Blue Ribbon Meats) with baked beans, house slaw, bacon aioli and white cheddar. "This reminds me of campfires growing up," Gadd says. "I'd always put baked beans on my hot dogs. It's one of my favorites."


With this pork brat topped with thinly shaved apples and caramelized Brussels sprouts, Gadd was going for a handheld dish that recalls traditional German flavors like pork and apples. "Every flavor you want is in there," he says. "There's sweetness, acid, and the honey whole-grain aioli brings it all together." It's wrapped in a poppy-seed bun crafted by Matt's Bakery in Whitehall, which supplies all the buns at DareDevil.

You can craft your own specialty dog at DareDevil from a list of nearly 20 toppings. There are only 12 counter seats at the slender hot dog shop, so if you want to stretch out and chase your dog with a brew, head to neighboring bar Village Idiot, where you can order off the complete DareDevil menu (including sides of tater tots) from a connecting takeout window.