At Farm to Plate 2013, Central Ohio restaurants offer special menus featuring dishes created with at least 70 percent locally grown ingredients. Visit for a full list of menus.

Chef's Tapas Tasting



Black bean hummus, tortilla chips

Ensalada de Rucula

Arugula salad, peaches, blackberries, sangría vinágrate

Sopa de Pepino

Chilled spicy cucumber soup, herb crème fraiche



'Ohio Proud' beef filet, blue cheese pink pepper corn sauce

Tomates Fritos

Fried green tomato, 'Lucky Penny Creamery' feta cheese, sweet corn salsa

Pescado Frito

Corn meal dusted fried Lake Erie perch, caper aioli


Bocadillo con Cerdo

Spanish pulled pork sandwich; chorizo aioli

Huevo Frito con Chorizo

Ohio organic egg fried in extra virgin olive oil, 'Bucyrus' bratwurst, jalapeño gastrique