At Farm to Plate 2013, Central Ohio restaurants offer special menus featuring dishes created with at least 70 percent locally grown ingredients. Visit for a full list of menus.

El Rico Pan de Queso $6.50

Super soft homemade Mexican bread filled with Queso Blanco, fresh peppers and ham (vegetarian available too)

Maque Choux, Chicken and Caesar $14.95

Corn Maque Choux $3.75

Fresh local corn, corn "milk", the famous New Orleans "trinity" of peppers, celery and onion, fresh parsley and Snowville cream, very slightly cooked.

Shagbark Fried Chicken $8.75 - 2 pc.

Local heritage chicken brined in local buttermilk, oven "fried" twice with a coating of Shagbark wholegrain tortilla chips, North Market Spices, Ltd. poultry spice made just for us, plus another secret spice to make it extra nice.

Latin Ceasar $5.95

Ohio Romaine lettuce, homemade smoked paprika and cayenne dusted croutons and homemade smoked habanero "Caesar" dressing.

Peach Cobbler $5.95

With local peaches and granola crunch, plus Snowville whipped cream with dulce de leche.