Jessica and Mike Byrne, Carey Hall and Jessica Page, Co-Owners, Lineage Brewing

Why they're Tastemakers: With Central Ohio nearing 30 breweries and counting, it's a challenge for new breweries to distinguish themselves. But in one short year, the four founders of Lineage Brewing-Jessica and Mike Byrne, Carey Hall and Jessica Page-have done just that. Beginning with their soft opening in March 2015, customers have eagerly lined the Clintonville bar ready to sample a diverse portfolio of beers that pair nicely with house-made snacks. To top things off in their busy first year, Lineage was the only Columbus brewery named in BeerAdvocate's Class of 2015 as one of the 33 best new breweries in the country.

An educated group: The idea for Lineage started in 2005 with a love ofhomebrewing. They're all members of SODZ (the Scioto Olentangy Darby Zymurgists, a Central Ohio homebrewers group). Mike Byrne, Page and Hall are all certified through the Beer Judge Certification Program, while Jessica Byrne studied at the Siebel Institute in Chicago. Mike Byrne served as head brewer at Buckeye Lake Brewing for a year before opening Lineage. Together they form a cohesive whole, with Mike Bryne and Hall brewing, Jessica Byrne handling back-of-house ops and Page as the researcher and "beer librarian." The successful partnership has allowed them to forge their own path. "We all had similar views on brewing and beer," Mike Byrne says, "We knew if we started something we were all on the same page."

Clintonville as home: True to their name, Lineage has a strong sense of ancestry. All four members are Clintonville residents, and their goal was to create a neighborhood brewery that honors past brewing traditions. "Our concept was being part of the Clintonville community," Jessica Byrne says. "We just wanted a business in the neighborhood so we could give back. Part of our plan was that we could donate to things that were important to us." In addition to more community events, part of Lineage's ongoing focus is beer education, with their initial Beer School classes selling out quickly.

A tradition of experimentation: Lineage is also indicative of Columbus breweries' willingness to experiment. It's difficult-in a good way-to nail down Lineage's signature style. On any given day, the tap list could feature everything from a heavy IPA to a coconut porter to a West Coast-style lager. Ask the four founders for their favorite house beer and the answers range from the Berliner Weisse sour to the Beechwold brown ale to the pilsner. -Nicholas Dekker

About Mike Byrne

Age: 35 • Previous gig: Brewer at Buckeye Lake Brewery • Recommended reading: "American Sour Beers" by Michael Tonsmeire • Go-to drink: When I'm not drinking beer, an Aperol and soda. • Last meal: Fried chicken, pork ribs and JoJo's. Come on Columbus, give me some Jojo's!

About Jessica Byrne

Age: 35 • Previous gig: Product marketing manager, McGraw-Hill Education (currently still my day job) • Off-night eats: El Arepazo Latin Grill • Go-to drink: Any local American Pale Ale or Kolsch, easy drinking and lower in ABV so I can have a few and still keep my druthers • Favorite ingredient: I love it when sweet and savory meet in one dish. Anytime there is fruit (i.e. pear, apple, or fig) incorporated into a savory dish, I'm usually sold.

About Carey Hall

Age: 39 • Previous gig: Programmer • Food heroes: Charlie Papazian, the father of home brewing • Recommended reading: "Imbibe" by David Wondrich • Go-to drink: If it's beer I'd say the Belgian Styles: Belgian Pale Ale, Belgian Blonde, Saison or Wit. If it's cocktails, a Negroni or one of its variations. • Last meal: Al pastor sandwich, taco and gringa from Los Guachos

About Jessica Page

Age: 39 • Previous gig: Actually my current gig: librarian at Ohio State University for animal, environmental, food and veterinary sciences. • Guilty pleasure: Immoderation • Off-night eats: We try to eat at home as much as we can • Go-to drink: In the winter, stouts and porters or variations on Manhattans. In the summer, wheat beers or gin-based cocktails. • Favorite ingredient: What are we making? Barley or butter.