Black Radish Creamery owners John and Anne Reese share their take on fromage fort, a French cheese spread, translating to "strong cheese."

After making strawberry and rhubarb preserves-which they named "Billionaire" preserves-for their own wedding, John and Anne Reese built a following at local farmers markets and established Black Radish Creamery. This fall, the Reeses will open their own cheese production facility in Granville and their North Market shop, offering a full line of preserves and cheeses, is now open. Partnering with fellow cheese-maker Brian Schlatter, the couple plans to renovate the market space in early 2017 and introduce a full menu, as well as events and classes.

Below, the Reeses share their take on fromage fort, a French cheese spread, translating to "strong cheese." Visit them at North Market, where they can set you up with a personalized version, just in time for your holiday entertaining.


1 pound miscellaneous freshor leftover cheeses 1 cup dry white wine Black pepper to taste Crusty bread of your choicefor crostini(ideally baguetteor sourdough, without too many holes for the cheese to drip through) "Billionaire" preserves from Black Radish Creamery


Combine cheese (removing rinds if necessary), white wine and black pepper in a food processor, not quite until smooth. Taste before adding salt; the cheese usually has enough.

To make crostini, use high and fast heat; bake in an oven at 475 degrees for five to eight minutes. You want to toast the outside of the bread and leave a little chew in the center.

Spread cheese mixture liberally on the crostini (or broil the cheese right on the bread), then dress with "Billionaire" preserves. Alternatively, broil a ramekin of the cheese and top with chives for dipping crostini or crudites.


From this basic recipe you can add garlic and shallots for a savory punch, fresh jalapeno for a spicy take or substitute red wine for white. For another alternative, combine different cheddars with beer or hard cider instead of wine, plus chopped and roasted walnuts.