What the Dispatch Magazines staff is reading, watching and listening to this week

WATCHING: The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)

I just watched this TV series based on Shirley Jackson’s horror novel, and I'm honestly considering going back to re-watch the whole thing again. It's that good, but also that nuanced. I'm sure there's a lot I missed the first time, and not only because I was watching with my face half-hidden behind my hands! --Emma Henterly, Special Sections Editor, Columbus Monthly | Editor, Columbus Weddings 

READING: “The Laws of Human Nature” by Robert Greene

This book from the author of “48 Laws of Power” just came out last week. Greene uses examples from history to illustrate the key idea or “law” in each section. Just like his other books, I'm finding it entertaining and informative. --Kyle Nussbaum, Multimedia Account Executive 

LISTENING: The Supremes, Gold 

I'm listening to a CD of The Supremes Gold in my car. I've had that in place for about three months. It's probably time to change it out. --Sherry Paprocki, Interim Editor/Home and Style Editor, Columbus Monthly 

WATCHING: “Moonrise Kingdom”

I live in a house with seven other girls, and our eight birthdays are minor holidays for us. This week, we celebrated one of those birthdays: Per my roommate’s request, we ordered Chinese takeout and curled up to watch Wes Anderson’s [2012 movie] “Moonrise Kingdom” in an elaborate blanket fort. With signature-Wes Anderson humor, the film tells the story of two preteen lovebirds (Sam and Suzy) who run away from home and the community’s search to find them before a terrible storm makes landfall. Movies like “Moonrise Kingdom” remind me of the need for artfully stylized, feel-good moments—like when Sam first confesses his tendency to wet the bed and, second, his love for Suzy. --Rylan Lee, Intern, Columbus Monthly

LISTENING: Serial season three

There is no shortage of new podcasts coming out daily, but when the MVP of podcasts returns for a new season, I stop what I'm doing and download it immediately. Serial’s third season dropped in September, bringing us an in-depth look at America's criminal justice system set in none other than our neighbor to the north: Cleveland, Ohio. Host Sarah Koenig spent over a year reporting in a Cleveland courthouse, and while this season does not have the addictive quality of season one, it is a fascinating, infuriating and ambitious piece of storytelling that seeks to make sense of our Kafkaesque justice system. It’s not easy listening, but essential listening nonetheless. --Erin Edwards, Digital Editor | Dining Editor, Columbus Monthly 


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