What the Dispatch Magazines staff is reading, watching and listening to this week

READING: "I Can't Believe It's Lab-Made Whiskey" by Hannah Goldfield

My dad recently gave me The Wall Street Journal's November/December magazine dedicated to "The Future of Everything" and recommended I read this story about future whiskey, which is being tested in a present-day San Francisco startup lab called Endless West. The company's idea is to make a mass market liquor by using molecular compounds that form the taste and smell of aged whiskeys, minus the actual barrels or aging (like if a microwaved Hungry-Man dinner tasted like an 90-day rib-eye from Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse). As a strong advocate for both whiskey and the future, it was an interesting read. —Chris Gaitten, Senior Editor, Columbus Monthly

WATCHING: Get Shorty (Epix/Netflix)

This week I made it through most of season one of Get Shorty, the TV series—a recent release on Netflix. It originally aired on the network Epix and stars Chris O'Dowd as a lovable mobster and Ray Romano as a bumbling Hollywood producer. As a fellow Detroiter, I'm an Elmore Leonard fan, and it's fun to see his stories live on. —Lauren Reinhard, Marketing Manager

WATCHING: Bodyguard (Netflix)

Typically, I don't have much time to dedicate to the tube but with only six episodes, I was up for the commitment. Bodyguard focuses on an Afghanistan War veteran who works in London to protect a female politician, the home secretary. We are starting the third of the six-episode mini-series, but this intense, fast-paced drama holds your attention from the start. Worth your viewing time for sure. —Holly Gallucci, Senior Multimedia Account Executive 

LISTENING: Hysteria and Lore

The Hysteria podcast from Crooked Media is a great way to keep up with current events across the country from a female perspective. The hosts are all women, and they focus mainly on women's issues. For lighter fare, this time of year is great for Lore, a podcast from Aaron Mahnke. He has a wonderful style of storytelling that looks at urban legends, myths and other creepy tales from around the world. —Emma Henterly, Special Sections Editor, Columbus Monthly | Editor, Columbus Weddings 

LISTENING: boygenius EP, boygenius

Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus are three talented indie singer/songwriters with a penchant for penning emotionally gutting songs (but in the best way possible). Together the three form boygenius, or as Baker referred to them, “Voltron or Power Rangers robot of indie music.” Their debut EP, which came out Nov. 9, is a perfect reflection of each woman’s voice and style. It would be easy to forget that this is their debut album. With their flawless harmonizing and plaintive lyrics, they sound like they’ve been a band for years. Let’s hope they stick around for a long time. —Brittany Moseley, Assistant Digital Editor


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