Angel Lopez grew up in Hilliard and started his music career making beats in a laundry closet. Today he works with Kanye, Coldplay and Timbaland.

There’s a Coldplay poster affixed to the wall above Angel Lopez’s bedroom door in the Los Angeles apartment he moved to earlier this year. Tucked between the door frame and an air conditioning vent, the small, weathered poster doesn’t really match the rest of the room’s decor. The corners are dog-eared, and there’s a tear going up the left leg of bassist Guy Berryman in the sepia-toned promotional photo circa 2008.

But the poster has come along with Lopez and his wife, Amira Velazquez, to five different residences since 2009, and there was no question whether it would hang here. Coldplay is an essential part of the couple’s relationship. Soon after meeting in Columbus, they went on a date to a Coldplay concert at Cincinnati’s Riverbend Music Center on June 4, 2009 — a date Velazquez can recall without hesitation. They stood in the front row and cried their eyes out.

In those days, Lopez had set up his room as a studio inside his mother’s Hilliard home, so there wasn’t space for a bed. The couple would pull all-nighters on the floor or on a tiny futon listening to Coldplay albums on repeat. They knew all the lyrics, and Lopez could play the songs on guitar. When the two married in Cancun in 2014, Velazquez walked down the aisle to a solo piano version of “Yellow.”

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