Searching for Columbus' best celebs on a (sort of) star-studded app

Fueled by a homebound population and a loose definition of celebrity, the Cameo app has enjoyed breakout success this year based on a simple premise: The user pays a fee set by “stars” for a short, customizable video made for another person of the user’s choosing. Perhaps Mandy Moore could send a nice anniversary message ($325), or Jaleel White, aka Steve Urkel, could wish a friend happy birthday ($199), or NFL Hall of Famer Troy Aikman could give a (probably boring) retirement toast ($750), or former Mexican president Vicente Fox could provide a pandemic pick-me-up ($400). 

Cameo is a surreal and endlessly searchable rabbit hole of celebrity, and while Columbus isn’t exactly a hotbed of star power, it’s not too difficult to find Central Ohioans and others associated with the city on the platform. Here are some of the best gets. 

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Most Congenial: Nina West
Known for: RuPaul’s Drag Race 
Cost: $75 
The city’s most famous drag queen won over fans nationwide when she was named Miss Congeniality on RuPaul’s TV show in 2019. She’s true to form in her Cameo teaser video. “I send you love, and I send you light, and I will bring good news.”

Most Versatile: Eddie George
Known for: Winning the Heisman at OSU
Cost: $200 
Eddie George is synonymous with Ohio State football, but since retiring from the NFL, he has pursued an acting career and learned to sing for the Broadway musical “Chicago.” Maybe he’ll offer a stirring rendition of “Carmen Ohio” for that special Buckeye fan?

Best Voice: Greg Murray
Known for: “Jackets on the power play!!!!”
Cost: $25
You may not know Murray’s name or face, but if you’ve been to a Blue Jackets game, you’ll recognize the booming voice of the team’s announcer. Fans have booked him for quarantined birthday and wedding videos, and the proceeds go to the Jackets’ nonprofit foundation.

Best Throwback: Beverly D’Angelo
Known for: Playing Ellen Griswold 
Cost: $150 
This Upper Arlington native has starred in dozens of films, but fans will always know her as Chevy Chase’s wife in the National Lampoon’s Vacation movie series—bonus points if you request a message for someone named Clark. Surely she’s not tired of that.

Best Description: Mark Titus
Known for: Not playing basketball 
Cost: $34
In 2008, Titus became the strangest kind of phenom for his blog, Club Trillion, about his time as an OSU walk-on. Or as he put it in his Cameo bio: “I wrote fart jokes on the internet while riding the bench at Ohio State and turned it into a career, now with Fox Sports. I can also still dunk.”

Most Controversial: Stormy Daniels
Known for: Exposing the city’s vice squad
Cost: $250
The porn actress’s baseless arrest at a Columbus strip club in 2018 was one of many coffin nails for the police department’s vice squad, which was disbanded the next year. Daniels gets great reviews on Cameo—just be sure not to pay with campaign funds.