Dispatch Media Group staffers share New Year's Eve memories, favorite ways to celebrate

One of my favorite New Year’s celebrations was last year. We spent it in a cute, snowy lake town in northern Michigan with a few close friends. One of the days was spent snowboarding, but it was freezing on actual NYE and we got snowed in. We ended up ringing in the new year playing games, laughing and drinking wine and bourbon by the fireplace.  —Jackie Vosler, Account Executive, Columbus Monthly

For Y2K, my big brother pitched me and my mom a wild idea: ‘Let’s go to Bali.’ So New Year’s Eve, 1999, we were in Ubud, Bali, having this amazing Balinese dinner and watching a traditional dance performance. I started to feel off in the middle of dinner, rushed to the hotel room and spent the rest of the night in the room with a case of Bali belly. Just before midnight, mom woke me up. Everyone was outside by the pool. I peeled myself out of bed, grabbed a glass of Champagne and then we all jumped in the pool with our clothes on at midnight. It’s a memorable celebration in many ways. —Erin Edwards, Digital Editor | Dining Editor, Columbus Monthly

My favorite New Year’s memories are from middle school. My parents would let me and my brother each invite a friend to sleep over. We would order pizza, eat candy, play games, listen to the Backstreet Boys and do all the other fun things 12-year-old girls liked to do in 1999. —Betsy Becker, Art Director, Columbus Monthly

The more pressure you put on yourself to have the perfect New Year’s Eve, the less fun you have. For me, the best New Year’s Eve celebrations involve a few close friends and a casual, comfortable setting. For New Year’s Eve 2010—seven months after I graduated from college—some friends and I headed back to our small college town (of Kent) and our favorite local bars. There were no cover charges, massive crowds or long lines. It was a fun, relaxed night in a place that felt like home to all of us. It was the perfect way to ring in 2011. —Brittany Moseley, Assistant Digital Editor 

I love to prep an elaborate meal with friends, build a fire and drink some bubbly. —Lauren Reinhard, Marketing Manager 

There’s nothing wild and crazy about our celebrations. We try to stay off the roads and stick close to home on New Year’s Eve. We often play board games. Some years we celebrate with neighbors—stepping outside at midnight to ring bells or bang on pots and pans. In more recent years, we’ve struggled to stay awake long enough to watch the ball drop, and then we’ve quickly nodded off into the new year. —Alan Miller, Editor, Columbus Dispatch

For NYE 1999, my wife’s large, extended family gathered. There were probably 75 of us in a big old farm house. At midnight (this was Y2K, mind you), someone pulled the switch on the electric breaker box, which would have caused some fuss in a group that large anyway, without the attendant worry about power grids etc. at Y2K. —Jim Fischer, Assistant Editor, Columbus Alive