A TV veteran finds a new audience through a business podcast.

For example, a recent episode featured Dr. Pete Edwards, one of the new co-owners of the Columbus Crew. He discussed the importance of the team for the region and the impact of the proposed Downtown stadium. Other past guests include Dr. Michael Drake, president of Ohio State University, and Greg Ubert, CEO of Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea. There was an extra buzz at cbuzz when Ubert visited.

Hunt has learned a few interviewing tricks over the years to help her guests feel more comfortable in front of a microphone. “As an interviewer, you have to tap into what that person is saying, focus in on them and be present,” she says. “And, when they hesitate or show some emotion when sharing a part of their life, you need to unearth the story behind it.”

Meet the people turning Columbus into a hotbed of podcasting.

Sometimes, a guest needs a little help finding their “Aunt Mabel.”

“I was taught a long time ago, in journalism school, to always think about your Aunt Mabel,” Hunt explains. “To break it down so even your Aunt Mabel will understand.”

She’s also learned the importance of a top-notch recording studio and sound engineer. “Over the years, I’ve had to record promos and commercials in my closet, but nothing beats the quality of a studio microphone and that control over the audio,” she says. The Chamber has teamed with Capital University’s Convergent Media Center to produce cbuzz. “It’s a beautiful relationship. The students do the recording and editing under the direction of the faculty.”

Unlike many podcasts, Hunt does cbuzz in what she calls “batches,” recording four or five at a time, in a single day, every few months. While an efficient use of time, it requires a lot of planning, which is the job of Courtney West, the marketing manager of the Columbus Chamber.

Hunt is still relatively new to the world of podcasting but has quickly fallen in love with the medium. “In TV news, we had two to three minutes total to do an interview,” she says. “Podcasts allow you to have a much more casual conversation where you can cover much more ground … and listeners walk away feeling like they’ve learned a lot.”


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