What to do and see when visiting the majestic falls during colder months

Niagara Falls might not immediately come to mind when you consider a winter family getaway, but there are plenty of reasons to add it to the list. While the region is most popular in the summer, it becomes a frozen paradise in the winter, with cascading and dramatic ice formations. The result is a unique perspective on this stunning natural wonder that straddles the border between New York and Ontario, Canada.

Though some attractions do close for the winter, there are other experiences that only happen at this time of year. Visiting and observing the falls is free. Each side offers a unique view of the falls with family-friendly activities. Attractions and tours require admission, but it is easy to find discounts and bundled tickets online.

The winter temperatures around Niagara Falls generally stay around freezing, with little snow accumulation. That means it is easy to navigate the parks, even in the cold weather. Wear layers, and plan a mix of indoor and outdoor activities to make a visit comfortable for children.

“Visiting Niagara Falls USA in the winter months offers a completely different experience than during our peak summer months. It’s truly breathtaking. An added bonus for winter visitors is that the hotel room rates are much lower than in the summer, which makes for a very budget-friendly getaway to a winter wonderland,” says Andrea Czopp, vice president of operations for Destination Niagara USA.

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