Meet 15 chefs, makers and entrepreneurs who are driving the Columbus food and drink scene forward.

Phuntso Lama, Co-owner of Momo Ghar

Anne Boninsegna & Jen Lindsey, Owners of The Kitchen

Brady Konya and Ryan Lang, Owners of Middle West Spirits and Service Bar

James Forbes, Jane Forbes & Duncan Forbes, Owners of North Country Charcuterie

Mick Evans, Director of Retail Operations at One Line Coffee

Adam Benner and Walt Keys, Founders of Land-Grant Brewing Co.

Kuukua Yomekpe, Chef-Owner of Asempe Kitchen

Summer Schott, Executive Pastry Chef at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants

Andrew Smith, Chef at Rockmill Tavern

Brooke Hayes, Owner of Speckled Hen Farm, Speckled Hen Market and Cluckwagon

Tastemakers on the Move: Where Are They Now?