Reinventing childhood favorites

Whatever your heritage or history, stepping through the front door of Ambrose and Eve feels like coming home from college for the first time or visiting grandma and grandpa's for Sunday dinner. And not just because the restaurant is in a renovated 1940s house. Or because of the family photos on the walls. Or because of the floral print wallpaper and brick fireplace. It's that the food and hospitality are lovingly crafted by chefs/owners Catie Randazzo and Matthew Heaggans. Their goal, as the website proclaims, is to serve “family dinner every night and everyone, everyone, is invited.”

Seasoned Columbus diners have probably followed the chefs for years. Heaggans owned the Swoop! food truck and Bebe at the Hey Hey Bar & Grill, and led the kitchens at Flatiron Bar & Diner and The Rossi. Randazzo earned accolades as the owner of the Challah! food truck, which offered modern takes on Jewish-style deli fare. Most recently, the dynamic culinary duo launched Preston's: A Burger Joint while simultaneously building their new Brewery District restaurant.

Everyone who has followed faithfully—from the food trucks to the pop-ups to the crowdfunding—is excited to see the pair land a permanent home with Ambrose and Eve (named after Randazzo's grandparents). And of course, their culinary and familial histories shine through in the familiar but modern brunch and dinner menus.

Brunch feels like your favorite Saturday mornings as a kid: rich bowls of oatmeal with jam, creamy omelets and fluffy pancakes made with not just any milk but cereal milk. Meanwhile, dinner offers a comforting feast of classics like chicken and dumplings (actually ricotta gnudi and chicken ragout), Spaghetti-OHs (aka anelli Bolognese) and a bucket of fried chicken for sharing. All of it is given an elevated touch that feels like coming home and discovering the place for the first time.