Seigo Nishimura's 12-seat ramen bar will offer a variety of Japanese ramen bowls with house-made broth.

The North Market announced today that Satori Ramen Bar, a startup founded by chef Seigo Nishimura, will open this spring in the southwest space vacated by Katzinger’s Little Deli last year.

Satori will serve a variety of ramen bowls, such as tonkotsu ramen and miso ramen, at its 12-seat counter and for carryout. Traditional bone and vegetarian broths will be made in-house, and noodles (made to Nishimura’s specifications) will be purchased locally.

“I chose ramen because it’s what my best memories were built around,” Nishimura said in the announcement. “It’s what I use to decompress after a long day; it’s what I crave when I’m homesick.”

The menu will also feature small plates, such as edamame and pork belly steam buns, as well as rice-based entrées like nanban don (fried chicken with rice). In addition to dine-in and carryout options, Satori will offer “finish-at-home” ramen kits with broth, toppings and uncooked noodles packaged separately.

Nishimura, who’s from Tokyo, is a graduate of the Tokyo Sushi Academy and worked at Cagen, a Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant in New York’s East Village known for its modern omakase menus.

Reached by email on Monday, Nishimura said he moved to Columbus to be closer to family (his wife is from Ohio). “Columbus has such a unique food scene,” he said. “I really wanted to be part of and contribute to it.”

You can view the menu (which is subject to change) at