With new name, Angela Petro's catering company looks to reflect its 22 years of experience.

“Are you one of the two caterers?”

That’s the question that Two Caterers team members would get asked when they worked events, says CEO Angela Petro. While it was charming (and became a running joke around the company), it became clear that the 22-year-old catering business had a perception problem.

“The perception of our company is that we’re small and that we haven't been around that long,” Petro said in a phone interview. Potential clients would contact Two Caterers and ask whether it was “big enough to handle the work,” Petro says. “We had to start out by convincing people who we are.” 

What started in 1997 as a company of two now employs 150 and hosts 3,000 events annually. Seeking a name that better reflects its longevity and expertise, Two Caterers announced today that it has rebranded as Together & Company.

“Gathering people together and delivering genuine hospitality with creative and flavorful food, has always been at the heart of what we do,” Petro said in the announcement.

Following a strategy retreat in 2016, the company selected locally owned Mynte Design Co. to kick off the rebranding effort, which involved copious research and literally throwing hundreds of words on the wall. But deciding on the new name, Together & Company, was difficult. 

“It was long and painful and that’s why this process took almost two years,” Petro says. After multiple brainstorming sessions, Petro says she and her team weren’t where they needed to be, so they took a break. Then early one morning while walking to work, Petro was turning over the process in her head when a name that felt authentic to the brand came to her. “Sometimes you have to just let things marinate for a really long time until they’re ready, and this marinated for a really long time,” she says.

Together & Company operates out of High Line Car House, an event venue in the Brewery District. In the spring of 2020, the catering company will open its new, 21,000-square-foot venue, The Fives at The Reach at Goodale, a new 15-acre development that will serve as White Castle’s new headquarters campus.

The Fives is already booking events for the new location, which is under construction. The venue will feature three floors, including a 5,000-square-foot rooftop terrace offering views of Downtown and the proposed Crew stadium site.

“It’s fun to be a company that grows with the city around us,” Petro says. “We have a 10-year target, basically it’s our vision for the company: Stay fresh, be relevant and honor our roots. And The Fives gave us a chance to continuously be relevant, even for a 22-year-old company.”

In addition, Petro’s brand of fast-casual restaurants, Sweet Carrot, opened two new locations last year, in Polaris and Dublin. The flagship location, which was featured on The Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, opened in 2015 in the old Rife’s Market building at 1417 W. Fifth Ave. in Grandview.

Although Petro says she has every intention of growing the brand, there are no new Sweet Carrot locations currently in the works. “We have three locations, we’re going to take this year to learn, crunch some data and continue to be creative,” she says. “We want to roll out some new things that have been in the pipeline for three years.”

For more information about Together & Company, visit togetherandco.com.



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