In this new series, we explore the city's diverse array of markets. First up: Sunrise International Market on Broad Street.

Across from Hollywood Casino and behind a Tee Jaye’s Country Place, you’ll find what has to be Columbus’ largest orange structure: one-year-old Sunrise International Market. Located in a West Side building that once housed The Flow Skatepark (sorry, the ramps are gone), Sunrise International is the larger sister market to Sunrise Asian Super Market on West Henderson Road.

From Doritos to Duck
Walking in, you might first notice Paco’s Ricas Botanas, a food vendor with a colorful array of Latin American snacks such as Dorilocos, a street food that consists of Nacho Cheese Doritos topped with fruit, peanuts, hot sauce and other ingredients. Beyond Paco’s to the right is a window displaying hanging Hong Kong-style roast duck and crispy Cantonese roast pork. You can order soy chicken or roast duck (half or whole) and other prepared meats by the pound, chopped right in front of you. The market recently added Vietnamese pho ($7–$9/bowl), which you can also purchase at the window. 

Spice of Life
Although international in scope, the 32,000-square-foot market is predominantly filled with Southeast Asian and Chinese foods. Japanese, Latin American, Indian, African and Middle Eastern items are available, to a lesser extent. There’s a sizeable fresh meat and seafood department; a large produce section filled with hard-to-find herbs, vegetables and fruits; a dizzying selection of packaged noodles, spices and sauces; frozen foods galore; gigantic bags of rice; and a small selection of beer, wine and sake. Housewares and gifts are available as well, from Asian-style porcelain bowls to prayer candles to piñatas. General manager Leonard Jarvis says Sunrise also sells to restaurant owners, offering items like commercial-size metal pots and takeout sushi containers.


Cherimoya (or chirimoya), $6.99/pound
This knobby green fruit from Central and South America is also known as custard apple because of its soft, almost-spoonable interior. The fruit’s sweet, white flesh tastes like a cross between a pineapple, banana and strawberry. You’ll want to discard the seeds, which are toxic when crushed. Add the white fruit to a fruit salad or use as a base for a smoothie, sorbet or custard. 

Fresh banana leaves, $0.99/pound
Serving Thai for dinner? These decorative green leaves can help kick your dinner presentation up a notch. Better yet, use banana leaves as a base for grilling delicate fish or to create packets for steaming fish. (Bamboo steamers are also available at Sunrise.) 

Cantonese barbecued pork, $7.99/pound
The roast meats section at Sunrise is one of its most popular features. You can’t miss it: The hanging Hong Kong-style roast ducks ($20.50/whole; $10.75/half), with their shiny red exteriors, grab your attention. You can’t go wrong with the sweet and salty barbecued pork, or char siu. Grab a pound or two to take home and serve simply, over rice with soy sauce.