The new BrewDog USA CEO is managing rapid growth and adjusting to the U.S. commitment to traveling by car.

It took Allison Green two minutes in conversation with her husband, John, to decide she was moving to Canal Winchester from Blackpool, England, to become CEO of BrewDog USA this past spring. What to do about her 5-year-old Labrador, Hobbes, was another story. He would have had to travel in the cargo hold of a plane for nine hours, and who knows what getting him back to the UK for visits in a post-Brexit world would have involved—quarantine?

“As much as we really want him here, we’ve done the very grown-up thing—to the delight of my sister and her kids—and we’ve left him there. So every day I get a good morning picture and a good night picture,” says Green, who is a “massive fan” of the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes. “Two minutes deciding to come here, and deciding whether we should bring the dog or not took us three months. I have never been that indecisive about anything in my life.”

Hobbes is, in a way, the reason Green ended up working for the most outspoken craft beer brand in the world in the first place. James Watt, who co-founded BrewDog in Scotland in 2007 with Martin Dickie (in Dickie’s mother’s garage, of course), is an ex-fishing boat captain who “worked the North Irish Sea with his dad and his granddad before he came to run this company,” she explains. “We [first] spoke on Skype (about three years ago). The job was people director. And we spoke for about 10 minutes about great companies and what made them incredible, and I’m super focused: It’s people number 1, 2, 3 and 4. And five, the rest come after that. And then we spent the rest of the 20 minutes sharing photographs of our dogs. I told him all about Hobbes, he told me all about Simcoe, which is his dog named after a hop, obviously. And I think that’s probably why we hit it off ... and he offered me the job.”

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