The small-batch roaster will open Florin Cafe Jan. 29.

Even as we’re wrapping up our interview on a sunny Monday morning at Florin Coffee, a visitor pokes his head in the door. “Are you open yet?” he asks eagerly. “Not yet,” says Hans Hochstedler, “hopefully by Christmas.” The visitor feigns exasperation, adding, “I just can’t wait!” After two years of roasting and shipping coffee from their space in North Linden, Florin’s co-founders, Hans and Joelle Hochstedler, are readying to open a public coffee shop called Florin Café.

You could say java runs in their veins. “I started roasting coffee in high school, using popcorn poppers,” Hans says. “I have a tendency for hobbies, and coffee’s a great hobby.” The couple met when Hans was hired as an apprentice by Joelle’s parents, who own Hemisphere Coffee Roasters in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, and moved in to the apartment above Hemisphere. At the time, Joelle worked at the pharmacy a few doors down from her parents’ shop. “She came to welcome me,” Hans says, smiling. “She brought flowers to the apartment to make it nice.”

They were married in 2009 and moved to Columbus while continuing to roast for Hemisphere. In 2012, Mission Coffee Co. hired Hans as a barista and to develop its roasting program. The couple was living in North Linden and had started a family when they decided to launch Florin Coffee in 2017, taking its name from a lake in Hans’ hometown of Red Lake, Ontario.

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The Hochstedlers draw on existing relationships with coffee importers to supply Florin. “We trust the importers,” Hans says. “They give us good information; we know we’re paying enough for the beans.” They’ve even traveled to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Thailand and other locales to meet with farmers directly.

Roasting in 15-pound batches, Florin features eight to 10 coffees at any given time, all single-origin roasts except for The Ranger blend. “We keep it small enough so we can focus on quality and rotate them throughout the year based on availability and freshness,” Hans says. Florin serves 50 subscribers, from individuals to offices to churches. Its beans are also brewed and sold at Third Way Café in the Hilltop and Coast Wine House in Dublin.

When the duo outgrew their first space, they found a former bakery in their neighborhood and signed a lease in October 2018. “Even early on, the plan was just to make this a production facility,” says Hans. “But we had a ton of people emailing us or stopping in and asking, ‘Are you opening a coffee shop?’ That got our wheels spinning. We thought maybe this would be a way to integrate ourselves in the community.”

Fast forward a year, and the Hochstedlers are preparing to open to the public before the new year. The coffee shop will seat 15 and offer brewed coffee, espresso drinks and locally produced snacks.

Asked about the intended vibe of the café, Hans and Joelle fist-bump when they separately use the same word: peace. “It would be such a win for North Linden,” says Joelle. “It’s a diverse group of people, young professionals and families and people who have been here for years. We want it to be uplifting for the community. We live here, and we care about it.”

Florin Café, 874 Oakland Park Ave., North Linden,