Farm-to-table fare that tastes as good as it looks

SOW Plated is clearly not on this list because of its name. But when you consider that its head-scratching moniker stems from an acronym that conveys an idealistic and honorable view of the production and consumption of healthful food—“SOW” stands for “sustainable, organic, wellness”—the eatery’s title starts to make sense.

But SOW isn’t on this list just because its food is health-minded, either. No, SOW is a best new restaurant because its attractively plated, farm-to-table fare tastes as good as it looks.

The restaurant is good-looking, too. Soft-rocking a casual, Southern-California-style aesthetic that physically belies its strip-mall setting, SOW occupies a predominantly white, big and airy space with appealing wooden accents, multiple green plants (curiously, most are fake), giant wicker lampshades and a lovely patio, plus a knowledgeable staff whose enthusiasm is well-founded and infectious.

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True to Los Angeles form, refreshing kombuchas are on tap. Vibrant, juice-based drinks are offered, too. Such palate-popping ingredients occasionally make their zippy way into SOW’s fine cocktails.

Extra vegetables, such as bok choy, turn up in a vegan pad thai that doesn’t disappoint. SOW isn’t only about the veggies, though, as it shows with the standout, locally sourced, chargrilled wagyu beef patty elevating its juicy house burger. And while packed with Brussels and purple potatoes, meat is also the shining star in the huge organic chicken dish.

Seafood seekers will definitely love the sustainable white fish entrée. Like SOW, its title won’t wow you, but its fantastic flavors and healthful attributes will.


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