Where service industry insiders like to eat and drink

Bartender Michael Harvey has been in the service industry for most of his life, working locally for Little Rock Bar, Aab India and Woodlands Tavern. The North Linden resident is an on-and-off vegetarian. We asked him where we’ll find him when he’s not behind the bar at Law Bird.

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Special occasion: Service Bar. “So many high-end dining experiences are monotonous. Our culture of steak and potatoes leaves so much to be desired. Service Bar makes classic dishes with off-the-wall twists original and exciting.”

Carryout: “Weiland’s Market is a favorite. They have nice, pre-made sandwiches and a rewards card that gives you a freebie every so often.”

Somali: “Hoyo’s Kitchen [in the North Market] has lunch line-style service with incredibly fresh Somali food. I recommend that anyone who has never eaten goat try theirs. It’s sensational.”

Breakfast: Cup O Joe. “I get an everything bagel, cold brew coffee and fresh fruit. Their cold brew carries an earthy, aromatic, woody expression of the coffee bean, and I love it.”

Vegetarian: Lavash Café. “They have daily rotating vegetarian dinner specials. Their baba ganoush is the best I’ve had in my life.