There's an arsenal of songs couples or guests frequently request for the playlist (the "Cha-Cha Slide," perhaps?), so we polled three Columbus DJs to get thoughts on the tunes.

What songs get you on the dance floor at a wedding reception? The "Cha-Cha Slide," perhaps? The Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling," maybe? There's an arsenal of songs couples or guests frequently request for the playlist, so we polled three Columbus DJs to get thoughts on the tunes. Here, their musings.

The Panel of DJs

Emmy Beach, The Goody Two Shoes DJ Service

Jodi Ransom, Night Music DJ Professionals

Matt Ryan, Matt Ryan Mobile DJ Entertainment

The Songs

"Electric Slide"

"The 'Electric Slide' has gone from must play, to do not play, back to old-school fun. Even some of our crowds that don't want any line dances sometimes want this one for a little throwback moment." -Jodi Ransom

"This is a song a lot of couples love to hate. It has a reputation for being overplayed, but for a reason-it will get guests on the floor, especially the older ones. Keep in mind this might be one of the only songs Aunt Millie will get up to dance to, outside of slow dances." -Matt Ryan

"In my experience, this is a dance-floor clearer. This is one of those songs that just does not stand the test of time. It's uber cheesy without the charm. Eighties synth and electric drum instrumentation-sometimes that's OK, but in this case it's totally not. Step away from the 'Electric Slide.' " -Emmy Beach


"Always a hit. This is a song that gets EVERYBODY on the dance floor. I'm talking about your 70-year-old grandma along with your preteen niece. It's classic (who doesn't love the Isley Brothers?) and makes for some awesome wedding action photos." -Emmy Beach

"A perennial crowd pleaser, 'Shout' doesn't seem to have the same polarizing effect that some other older party favorites do. Guests of all ages will get on the dance floor for this one. This song seems to work best once the crowd has warmed up a bit."-Matt Ryan

" 'Animal House' made this a high energy party standard.After years of dance floor success, 'Shout' hit a tired patch until the movie 'Wedding Crashers' brought it back bigger than ever.Played at the right time for the right crowd? It's a multigenerational blast." -Jodi Ransom

"Ice Ice Baby"

"This is a great '90s throwback. Challenge your wedding guests to see who knows all the words. I'm sure somebody does." -Emmy Beach

"This song has really managed to become a mainstay with the under 40 crowd. For lots of teens to 30-somethings, 'Ice Ice Baby' has a cool retro vibe without feeling dated or overplayed. For this reason, it doesn't sound out of place mixed into a set of current Top 40 music." -Matt Ryan

"This one walks a fine line between cheesy and fun, but instant recognition along with that killer bass hook sampled from David Bowie and Queen's masterpiece 'Under Pressure,' fun usually wins.'Yo! V.I.P. Let's kick it!' " -Jodi Ransom


"I've actually never played this at a wedding. No one has ever requested it, if you can believe it! But if you want something from the disco era, go with ABBA's 'Dancing Queen.' I know that sounds crazy, but people LOVE that song." -Emmy Beach

"Sometimes people really just want a familiar song that makes it super easy to join in the fun. Do I know it? Can I dance to it? Yep. 'YMCA' fits that description." -Jodi Ransom

"Like the 'Electric Slide,' the 'YMCA' is one of my most requested do-not-plays and for the same reasons. Eliminating these songs may exclude some of your guests from dancing, so proceed with caution. Current alternatives such as the 'Cupid Shuffle' and the 'Wobble' won't have the exact same effect because they may be unfamiliar to older guests." -Matt Ryan

"Livin' On A Prayer"

"This is a fist pumping singalong hit that is easy to dance to, and at almost 30 years old, this is a fun and familiar 'oldie' that makes everyone feel young and hopeful."-Jodi Ransom

"This is one I typically play by request only. I haven't seen this one maintain a broad enough appeal to warrant playing it on a consistent basis. The guests will either totally rock out or clear the floor. I think there are safer choices that have more consistent appeal." -Matt Ryan

"I am definitely a fan of Bon Jovi at weddings. Follow this song with Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin' and you've got a power ballad singalong." -Emmy Beach

"Friends In Low Places"

"Especially for a crowd that enjoys some country music, 'Friends in Low Places' is a great choice towards the end of the night, maybe even as the last song. It has a similar effect to 'Piano Man' in that the guests will circle up and sing along. Always best when served with alcohol." -Matt Ryan

"This song is a perfect fit to play near the end of the night. It's a great way to please the avid country fans in attendance and will be recognizable even if some of your guests aren't that into the genre. You'll definitely have folks putting arms around each other's shoulders, swaying back and forth to the music. It really brings people together." -Emmy Beach

"This is a circle-up sing-along, and a party standard that occasionally takes the distinction of being the only country song on the playlist. [It has] Crossover fans and [is] easy to dance to." -Jodi Ransom