Harriman and her friends knew they were on to something. So in January 2015 Flowerheads was born.

Katie Harriman and her friends knew they were on to something.

Their fresh flower crowns, which they proudly donned to 2014's Comfest, were drawing stares and questions, mostly of the where-can-I-buy-one kind.

"We should do this," Harriman said to her group. As in, we should start selling these.

Fast forward to January 2015, when Harriman decided to launch Flowerheads. Along with her sister, Paige Harriman, she's touting her fake and fresh petal-embossed head pieces to festival-goers and brides alike.

Want a custom crown of your own? Prices range from $45 for fresh to $100 for the larger fake variety.

We talked with Harriman, 28, about how a bride can incorporate one of her pieces into her look.

What's your creative process like?

If it's a custom crown for a certain event and you have a certain look in mind or an outfit, we'll come together, and I can tell you what I think would look good and go from there. We'll start with what flowers you want and how big you want it to be. I really like making big ones, but people seem to like the daintier ones because you can wear it with more.

What makes a great flower crown?

The thing that's been the most difficult is trying to make fake [flowers] look real. That was where I saw there was a market for it … I was looking for something that was more natural, so that's what I strive for. If someone's like, "Whoa, is that real or fake?" ... that's a good crown.

What are some of your favorite flowers to work with?

I really love using fake hydrangeas. I think they look natural. For real flowers, when we were at Comfest, we made flowers out of little pink roses and blueberries.

How should a bride work her flower crown into the rest of her look?

The flowers should all be within whatever you're comfortable with within your vision for your wedding. If you're one of those people that loves all kinds of wildflowers and you want everything to be wild then go for it. It depends on your look and what your vibe is. If you're not someone who is comfortable wearing a statement piece on your head, wear something that's dainty.

What's the craziest crown you've made so far?

[My friend's] wedding is Aug. 8 [2015]. She's getting little animal figures that are going to be all of the bridal party's spirit animals. We're going to spray paint them gold and attach them somewhere in the crown.