Six ways to make your wedding budget not-so-scary.

Six ways to make your wedding budget not-so-scary.

Think one or two small changes to your planning won't make a dent in your budget? Wedding experts disagree. Small edits, from DIY centerpieces to nixing bread at the table, can add up to big savings.

Your first, and perhaps most important, step toward cost efficiency is to head to the bank, says Cassandra White of CW Weddings & Event Planning.

"I recommend setting aside a wedding budget bank account so that you can keep yourself from going over budget," she says.

A separate account allows engaged couples to easily keep track of wedding withdrawals and remaining balances so the effects of making those small changes are readily seen.

We asked two Columbus planners to suggest six simple ways a couple can cut costs-without sacrificing big-picture plans.

The Décor

Rethink your tablescape-and get creative.

"Have fun with centerpieces," says Jamie Rapavy of Columbus Bride & Groom. "A bride can make her own, using fruits or vegetables or books or different eclectic glass containers. This can save a bride a lot of money."

The Food

Tighten your guest list-and switch to buffet-style service.

"Make sure you keep control of your guest list to keep the cost down," White says. "Maybe cut out the bread on the table … and the buffet option is much more economical."

The Photography

Opt for less time-not fewer photographers.

"I recommend a photography vendor that will provide two photographers at your wedding," Rapavy says. "You can save money on photography if you have your ceremony and reception in the same location, so there is less time needed for travel between two locations."

The Invitations

Go DIY-and get tech savvy.

"With today's technology, you can go digital to some degree," White says. "If you're a do-it-yourself bride and you have the creative niche, you can create your own."

The Dress

Take your time-and wait for sales.

"Avoid the emotional buy," Rapavy says about dress shopping. "This may result in overspending.Take your time and think it over, visit many bridal shops and wait for the one you dream about."

The Music

Use your iPod for cocktail hour-and get a keyboardist.

"They're very inexpensive, and they're great," Rapavy says of hiring a keyboardist. "They can stop and start so nicely ... It adds a different feeling."