Planning a wedding is a multifaceted process, with tons of moving parts and minute decisions. We asked five pairs of newlyweds what sage advice they'd like to pass on to other couples.

Planning a wedding is a multifaceted process, with tons of moving parts and minute decisions. We asked five pairs of newlyweds what sage advice they'd like to pass on to other couples.

Ashley and Brian Otler

Wed on May 29, 2016, at Vue Columbus.

What are you happy you spent money on?

Ashley: There were two things we were happy we spent money on. The first would be our wedding planner, Lucretia Williams with Distinct Event Planning. Having a wedding planner through every step of the wedding process was a huge help. When our wedding day came, Lucretia was there to make sure our day was flawless and we both did not have to worry about a single thing, which we both loved and appreciated.

The second item was our photography and videography package from Martin Digital. In the beginning of the wedding planning, we decided that wedding photos and video were very important to us and we were willing to pay a little more to get the quality we were looking for. The moments they captured in both the photos and video were exactly what we were looking for and definitely worth every penny we paid.

What do you think you could have done without?

A: The biggest item we did without was wedding favors. We instead used that money to provide a more robust open bar for our guests. Although we loved every piece of stationery we had made for our wedding, we could have also done without ceremony programs.

Any dress-shopping advice?

A: Brides should come to the appointment ready to try on different styles and designers. Your bridal consultant should be able to narrow down dress styles for you based on your body shape.

Any advice on menswear?

Brian: Find a tux/suit that is very comfortable on you. I was in my tux for at least 10 hours, so comfort was important to me.

Kathryn and Aaron Rogier

Wed on April 9, 2016, at St. Paul Catholic Church in Westerville.

In hindsight, what would you have done differently?

Kathryn: Stressed out less! Stress about the little details got to my husband and me at times, but it definitely wasn't warranted in the end. Everything turned out wonderfully.

What was your biggest surprise while planning?

K: How much time it took and how far in advance you need to book vendors. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, especially when you have a lot of ideas about the day, and many vendors book a year or more in advance.

Did you have any wedding-day snafus?

K: One of the best men had lost one of his shoes before the wedding. His wife had found it and was trying to get to the church on time, but couldn't make it before he walked down the aisle with only one shoe on. It was hilarious, because no one noticed on his way down, and it became a joke we can laugh about now!

Also, it snowed! We had been expecting a warm spring wedding and instead were given a snowy, cold day. We did not let this ruin our day, and we have some truly unique photos because of it.

Nicole and Taylor Rex

Wed on Oct. 24, 2015, at Scioto Reserve Country Club.

What were you happy you spent money on?

Nicole: Photography and videography were extremely important to me. I knew the day-of would be "go, go, go," and I wanted to make sure all the details I may have missed on that day were captured for me to appreciate later on. Some people make the argument you will never look at your photos or watch your video; I look at both all the time, and it takes me back to that amazing day.

What could you have done without?

N: I printed some of our engagement photos on canvas, thinking they would be good decorations. That was probably a waste of money. They now sit in our basement. Let's be real, your guests don't need to see a bunch of canvases showing the bride and groom kissing-they will see it enough at the wedding.

What was your biggest surprise while planning?

N: The linens. I had no idea linens were so expensive. I had a look I wanted to achieve using floor-length linens, which were an additional cost at our venue. I would recommend setting aside a "cushion fund" in addition to your regular budget so when things you can't live without turn out to be more expensive than you thought, you have the cushion fund to pull from.

Did you have any wedding-day snafus?

N: Our transportation company left both Taylor and I, and our immediate family, at the venue. At first I was furious; then once I got in an Uber to go back to the hotel in my wedding dress, I had to just laugh it off.

Kelsey Hall and Ali Shirvani-Aman

Wed on April 23, 2016, at the Golf Club of Dublin.

In hindsight, is there anything you would have done differently?

Kelsey: The only regret that we have when looking back on our wedding is that we would have liked to have enjoyed the food that we spent so much of our time planning. All our guests commented on how much they loved the food we picked, so it was sort of a letdown that we weren't able to have the same experiences.

What was your biggest surprise while planning?

K: How much everything ended up costing, especially the little details. We hadn't really set a portion of our budget toward the minor aspects of the wedding, such as wedding party gifts, favors, accessories, etc. Our advice to future couples planning their wedding is to set aside a good portion of the wedding budget for miscellaneous items that don't fall into the pre-set, major categories.

Did you have any wedding-day snafus?

K: During the ceremony, we planned to have a candle-lighting ceremony that didn't turn out as planned. Our ceremony was outside and it was windy that day, so the candles wouldn't light. We stayed calm and pretended that everything was alright and that the candles were actually lit. To us it was the meaning that mattered the most, not that everything needed to go on as planned.

Personalized vows: yay or nay?

K: Yes, we definitely encourage couples to write their own vows. Writing your own vows is another way to personalize your wedding and to express your emotions toward one another. We wrote our vows together, which is a little unusual, but it worked for us as a couple. They were a mixture of romance and humor. All of our guests loved them, and they set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Amy and Steve Murawski

Wed on April 24, 2015, at Via Vecchia Winery.

What was your biggest surprise while planning?

Amy: I think I was surprised by the number of little things that needed to be done the week of the wedding. Here I thought it would be a fun, relaxing week, when it was definitely the opposite.

Any dress-shopping advice?

A: I took the advice of some friends, and from watching Say Yes to the Dress, and took a very small group with me, including my mom, my best friend and my sister via FaceTime. I also don't think you should pressure yourself to buy one that same day [as your appointments]. I went home to think about it and ended up going back three days later to buy the one I couldn't get out of my head.

Any advice on menswear?

Steve: Buy, don't rent, your suits.

Personalized vows: yay or nay?

A: Nay, at least for us. We personalized other parts of the wedding, including the greeting and readings throughout.

S: The day is stressful enough.