A Granville fabric designer shares her thoughts on emerging design trends.

A Granville fabric designer shares her thoughts on emerging design trends.

With a diverse selection of products, from organic bedding to stationary to more than a half a dozen books, Granville fabric and pattern designer Amy Butler talks about finding inspiration during the cold Central Ohio winters and her resolutions for the new year.

Your designs are often inspired by nature, animals and gardening. How do you find natural inspiration during the winter months? There's plenty of beauty happening year-round and each season offers its own unique gifts. Winter in Central Ohio is dramatic. The sunlight is crisp and makes the silhouettes of trees and dried foliage pop off the landscape. Winter walks in my garden or on our local hiking trails nourish my inspiration and are very grounding, which support all of my creative endeavors. We live in sort-of a tree house, too, which offers up fabulous views of wild birds and tree-dotted vistas. All of my tropical garden pots come inside, and our living spaces are transformed into a lush, rich greenscape that complements the quietness of our outside spaces.

What can we expect with design trends this winter and spring? The colorscape for interiors has been more subdued and quiet. I think we'll see hints of warm brights popping on the scene in late winter and then a celebration of color once the season fully changes.

What advice do you have for people who may want to refresh their wall space in the new year? I encourage folks to create rooms that tell a story and have special meaning for them. If you decide to update a wall, bring the whole room into the picture. In my home, I select one wall for papering that ties in all of the other room elements. My papers are organic and nature-inspired, so the other elements I weave into my room include nature finds, natural treasures from travels and beautiful printed pillows and rugs for accents. When you layer the elements that have meaning to you, you end up creating a unique space that is personal and warm.

If you could be anything else outside of a fabric and pattern designer, what would you choose? This is an evolving picture because fabric design is a piece of my creative life. Currently I'm including magazine editor to my list of passions with my (digital) Blossom Magazine. I reckon I'll be adding Blossom TV host to my list of roles soon. Stay tuned!

Let's talk about David. How has your husband influenced the Amy Butler brand? He is as much of the Amy Butler brand as I am. We've partnered every step of the way as my brand naturally evolved. No one knows me like Dave. When you get to create with your soul mate it's hard to describe the incredible ease and synchronicity that happens when you follow through on a passion and vision. He's not only massively creatively talented, but he's been a rock and foundation for all of the internal growth that's happened for each of us. The beauty we create together in physical form through my brand and our other collaborations is a reflection of the bigger picture beauty from our relationship.

Have you created any personal resolutions for the new year? I wouldn't call them resolutions as much as putting my stake in the ground for what matters to me most in my life at the time. Right now I'm honing my ability to be a mastermind with my schedule. As I continue to divine clarity with my creative life, I'm committed more than ever to spending my heartbeats wisely.