Our CupCakery's "faux cakes" can help you slice your cake cost in half.


Shopping for wedding vendors often comes with a bit of sticker shock, and cake bakers are no exception. It's not uncommon to see quotes in the hundreds or thousands of dollars for some of the best cakes in the area. If you're on a budget and are looking to cut costs without sacrificing taste or aesthetics, Our CupCakery has a solution.

"If a bakery has display cakes already, and someone wants to rent that display cake, it can be less expensive," says Linda Kick, owner of Our CupCakery. This means that you'll have a beautifully decorated Styrofoam "cake" with a small tier of real cake on top for you and your new spouse to cut. After the cake cutting, the display cake is whisked away-much like at a regular wedding-and guests are served pieces of a smaller, less elaborate cake that's been hiding in the kitchen.

The smaller cake can be a standard, single-layer sheet cake (think the cakes you see at kids' birthday parties and office retirement celebrations, for example), or it can be what Kick calls a "kitchen cake," which is a basic two-layer cake with a flavored filling between the layers and no additional decorative elements.

But don't be confused, Kick warns; this isn't about hiring a baker to create a custom display cake that looks exactly like the Pinterest image you've fallen in love with, which can actually be more expensive than ordering a fully decorated, fully edible wedding cake. That's because cake batter usually costs less than Styrofoam, Kick says, and a custom display cake still needs the labor-intensive process of decorating … and then you have to buy your sheet or kitchen cake on top of that.

Our CupCakery's clients, however, can choose one of several display cakes already on hand. "We can rent it more than once, so we're making up our expense of decorating it with multiple rentals," Kick says.

To put it all in perspective, Kick says that a basic tiered cake for 200 people starts at around $800 at Our CupCakery. A more elaborately decorated one might start at $1,000 and go up from there.

On the other hand, a display cake, plus sheet cake for 200 and a small cutting cake that matches the display version, might start as low as $575.

And at Our CupCakery, there's an added bonus to renting a so-called "fake cake."

"If someone rented a Styrofoam cake, they could come pick it up and not have to pay for a delivery charge," Kick says. "It's not going to tip over, like a tiered cake." Our CupCakery charges $1 per mile each way for delivery, so that could say you an additional $20 or more, depending on how far your reception venue is from the Dublin bakery.